Initially, my company was founded in 2009 by a group of 5 automotive mechanical engineers and partners in the US with a passion for restoring classic cars. (temporary import – re-export) to Thailand, Japan, America, Europe.

But, soon, we realized that there were too many classic car parts that needed to be replaced and renewed, but, must keep the original shape and size.

Therefore, we have used modern machines (such as CNC-templating, robotic arms-welding) and mechanics-artisan to create precise molds for each product.

Currently, we have produced parts for more than 320 classic car models, such as: bumpers, door rubber seals, bumper seals, trim trims, leather seat covers, ….. Also , We also recreate the interior and exterior trim parts of the car according to the customer’s order.

About the parts like bumpers, trims door, trims line, grills,… they are made of 304 stainless steel with 30% higher chrome content and imported from India and Japan.

Rubber with the composition is nitrile-butadiene rubber,…

Over the years, We have built a reputation for product quality, customer service and worldwide reach.


We have developed into a team of more than 10 mechanical engineers and more than 60 employees with an area of ​​1000 m2 for warehouses and more than 10 small workshops.

TERMS OF SALE: We strive for Customer satisfaction and our goal is to ensure all customers have an enjoyable purchasing experience.